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This film is the brain- and heartchild of 22-year-old NVC-trainer Georg Tarne (the director guy you see in the making of) and his creative love at first sight, Kathleen de Laet (who played Juliet).

The idea was conceived by them – but the film wouldn’t have seen the light of day if there hadn’t been so many other awesome people pouring their love into this. (For a detailed account of how all this happened click here.)

To show who all those lovely people are – and how to contact them in order to pour gratitude over their lucky heads – is the purpose of this page.

Ike Lasater

Ike LasaterExperienced Mediator and Conflict resolution trainer. Co-Author of the book “Words That Work In Business“. Based in Warsaw, Poland.

No mediation-movie without Ike! We enjoyed his focus and experience as a mediating Friar Laurence as well as his humour (which you get a full picture of in the Making Of). That’s why I had to have a silly picture of him – seriously Ike, you left us no choice!

And by the way, you get the reallly juicy learning experience from him as a mediator when you watch the Full, Uncut Mediation between the two families.

His Website His Twitter His Facebook His LinkedIn

Carolyn Davies & Mark Minard

Mark and CarolynCarolyn is professional TV Producer and Director based in London – working for the BBC a lot. She handled the camera – and because she really knows what she’s doing we got all those nice shots and different angles and close-ups and so on. Huge contribution!

Her Website Her LinkedInHer Facebook

Mark is the guy who owns the equipment that we shot the movie with. He generously offered his professional camera and the microfones (worth about 5.000€ in total!) to shoot a short movie to spread Nonviolent Communication. THIS movie! 🙂

His Website

Yoann Boyer

Dancer, Actor, Romeo.

Well, he’s a dancer and an actor based in Brussels – that’s his profession. I don’t know about the Romeo as a profession, I hope there is no job that has “killing yourself for no reason” in the job description. But hey, wait…

Random trivia: You can see a dance art film he starred in (naked!) here: www.maps-of-emotion.com

His Facebook

Anders Ädel

A vicious and brutal Tybalt came from the swedish teacher, social worker and NVC trainer Anders. In his spare time he wrestles. I’m so relieved that he came across that Nonviolent-thing, he’d scare the shit out of me otherwise!

I really enjoy being around this guy though 😉

His WebsiteHis Facebook

Lars Kofoed

He courageously jumped in as the actor for Mercutio when during shooting time we weren’t able to find Johan who had promised he’d be Mercutio. Clara, our logistical support played a crucial role in casting him on the spot. But, erm, well, phew, erm, I actually don’t know that much about him, apart from that he’s Danish and very active as a political activist (by the way, if you’re inactive as an activist are you an inactivist?).

But I guess that’s also a great expression of this atmosphere of openness and trust that we very often have in this Nonviolfor ent Communication community – and especially in a Summerfestival like this. Or how desperate we were. 😀

His Facebook

John Evans

John played a very open and centered Sir Capulet – the Friar really knows how to do his preparation talks, doesn’t he?

He was also the main organizer of the NVC Festival where all this happened. Don’t know what he does otherwise, actually. I guess he’s retired or something. Seems you don’t talk about occupations that much in a Festival like this. 😀

We’re very grateful to him for inviting us (meaning Kathleen, Katrien, Lies (a friend of them that hasn’t been mentioned here) and me) to his home in Leicester (UK) in order to edit the freshly shot movie. And for taking confused people like me from and to the train station, having to wait 1 hour because my message of “I took the train 1 hour later” didn’t come through and talking on the cell phone while on the train turned out impossible because of bad connection. And bearing all the silly singing in the house. Thank you! 🙂

His FacebookHis LinkedIn

Susanne Kalkowski

Brought some spice and anger to the table in her role as Lady Capulet, mother of Juliet. Experienced NVC trainer (inactive) and now executive in a community college in South-West Germany.

If you want to get in touch with there, maybe you get successful via this (German) website of a pretty successful school NVC project she did. Klick “Kontakt”. No I meant Click “Contact”. No, I’m confused, it’s “Click ‘Kontakt'”. Phew!

I’m afraid she doesn’t have Facebook or anything. Maybe e-mail. Who knows? She’s still awesome.

Katharina Ossko

Role-played Lady Montague. All her fears included.

NVC trainer and mediator (and coach and consultant and so on – you know how this is) in Vienna. So she’s actually my colleague and we see each other pretty often! At least compared to all those other folks living all over the place.

Next monday, actually, for at least 5 hours, as we’re in a “Restorative Circles Exploration Group”-meeting together. You see?!

Her WebsiteHer Facebook

Clara Tillinger

Daughter of Katharina. On the spot casting director for Mercutio and general logistical support. Maybe she’s wondering why I express so much gratitude towards her as she didn’t do THAT much, but still, without her it would have been the decisive bits harder, more tiring and less feasible. And besides, I never had anything close to an assistant before! 😀

I’m afraid she doesn’t have Facebook let alone anything close to a Website. But you will definitely reach her if you contact her mother.

Daniel Lawton

Mini-role as Benvolio and just heightening the productions fashionability with his overall cool and stylish looks.

Did you know he’s a model?! I didn’t.

His blog about fashion His Facebook

Katrien Bruers

Best friend of Kathleen. Started out co-screenwriting with us but somehow ended up doing other stuff. I guess Kathleen and I just met so often that it was just too much for her.

Had a small role as Juliet’s nanny – which sadly didn’t make the (main film) cut. No fault of hers. She’s in the making of!

Other Capulets

Robin Oijens, Rebekka Roed, Lara Simsek & Oliver Flodström

You don’t write anything about the extras!

No, well, I just don’t know what to write anymore, my creativity has run out!

Sorry guys.

Robin is a great guitar player though, by the way. If you ever need a 15-year-old-looks-like-19-guitar-player-from-Sweden-with-one-of-the-coolest-accents-I-ever-heard just contact him. 😉

Other Montagues

Raffi Lawton, Saga Thomsson, Poul Andersen & Paw Vej

Kathleen De Laet

1 of the 2 creative Masterminds (-and hearts, of course) of this project. Played Juliet and co-directed the movie. Edited the Making Of.

Flemish-for-adults-teacher living in Antwerpen, Belgium. A NVC-Summerfestival veteran, having been to most of the 7 that took place so far, together with her son Tuur. Passionate amateur (as in “not-for-a-living”)-musician, -actor, -director, -film-maker.

Georg Tarne

Okay, now I have to describe myself. Tough one, aye?

Well, I “co-conceived” of this movie, co-screenwrote it, directed it (with a lot of support from Kathleen), edited the Main Film and the Uncut Mediation, recorded and played the guitar for the Main Film and wrote the texts of this website.

What do I do besides that… The catchy tag-line I have about myself is “Changemaker and Changemakermaker” which means I am what the call us lots nowadays a “Social Entrepreneur” and I mostly inspire and train young people to become “Changemakers” themselves. I do this in several ways all of which I won’t bore you with here and if it’s really that interesting to you you can read about them on my website. 🙂

My Website My Twitter My Facebook My LinkedIn


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  1. Greatest movie ever!

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