The Future

You see, we also have high standards. And looking back at our amateur-spontaneus-first-try short film there are quite a few things we would like to (re-)do differently.

And there are a lot of similar ideas for more movies of this kind: What, for example, would have happened if the main character in Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Kill Bill”, the bride, wouldn’t have gone to a martial arts trainer but instead to a Marshall’s arts trainer? How would that have affected the pretty bloody unfolding of the story?

Hmmmmm, that we would LOVE to develop and, erm, yeah, don’t know why it’s called that way, but, shoot! 🙂

But, you know, you don’t always have the proper equipment, the proper contacts and the proper actors at hand. Especially if you are anything but a professional film-maker.

So there are a few things we’d like to request from you:

yeah, that guya) If you know Quentin Tarantino – could you introduce us to him? 😉

b) If you have any resources that could contribute to a re-shoot or new shoot, let us know! Resources can be money, they can be contacts and introductions, they can be knowledge, tips, coaching and advice as well as professional directors, writers, drawers, 3D-Animators or actors who would love to do something like this themselves
To contact us please write a mail to PeacefulEndingsForTragedies [at] gmail dot com.

c) If you enjoyed the movie, please also write us an e-mail. We love honest encouragement. 😉

d) If you didn’t enjoy the movie, well, feel free to tell us, but don’t expect an answer. It’s not that we don’t like honest feedback but that right now we want to use our time in a nurturing way – and have feedback only when we are in the process of creating something. Because then it really helps even if it’s really uncomfortable. Yeah, we know that 😉

e) If you have anything else you’d like to share because it might in some strange way also contribute to making more stuff like this movie happen – then just do so! We’re looking forward to some serious serendipity, okay?! Actually, we’re expecting it!

To the future! =)


5 thoughts on “The Future”

  1. I loved it!

    More ideas:

    How about peace potion for the guys dealing with the shark in Jaws?

    or for Darth Vader?
    (“Hmmm – I think Luke may be a bit shocked if I tell him I’m his father – maybe I should try some trust building first?”)

    or for Hitler at various points in his life?

    or for the baddy in Star Trek who destroyed the planet Vulcan so that Spock would know how bad he felt?

    or for Hannibal Lector ?!


    • 😀 I guess Darth Vader drinking the Peace Skills Potion would have a stronger effect than him just reconsidering how he tells his son that he is his father – otherwise I’d strongly doubt the strength of the potion 😀

      Yes, of course there are endless possibilities…
      And of course there’s the question of “who does this? how do those people sustain themselves?” and so on…

      I find the Hitler one actually really intriguing. That would have really changed the course of history…

      So I enjoy your enthusiasm. And I have no idea how to do all that 😀

      blessings, georg

  2. I was there when you guys were filming this. I think I was leading a workshop which is why I didn’t get involved but it is great to see you all again. I loved the idea, and though the budget was under £2 and Brad, and Angelina weren’t there to take the staring roles the movie is a delight to me.

  3. WOW! Needs met? Yes. For fun and intrigue. I kept wondering what would come next from the words on the screen to the actions of the people. Held my interest. 🙂
    I immediately wondered if you would be willing for me to put this video on to my crowd funding campaign.
    Then, I thought YOU could have your own crowd funding campaign on indiegogo and shooT (SHOOT?) your next film with more tech and support.
    What do you think of that idea? Supportive for you?
    And what about my request of using your film to capture attention for my crowd funding campaign on indiegogo? We are asking ‘the crowd’ for $ 10,000 to support 8 trainers from 6 countries to teach Nonviolent Communication in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for four weeks Jan 16-Feb 10.
    Please answer with a yes or let me know what you would like to hear to agree to a yes?

    • Hey mair,

      yeah, please use this film in any way that is supportive to the spreading of nvc!
      so a strong yes to you using it for the ethiopia indiegogo campaign! 🙂

      delighted to receive your delight and imagining you sitting in front of the computer wondering what comes next. 🙂

      concerning crowdfunding the next movie: yeah, that’s definitely a suggestion i hadn’t really thought of before.
      at the same time i don’t see a way right now to make time for this, with everything that’s on my plate right now (a start-up business called for example).
      maybe you could support me in that?

      delighted, dear mair alight,
      warm wishes,
      georg 🙂

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