The Film

What would have happened if Romeo and Juliet had had the Peace Skills Potion?

A short film made in 2,5 hrs of total shooting time, “How Romeo And Juliet Found a Totally Different, Happier Ending” shows an alternative response to violent conflict than the one we already know.

Violence almost always leads to more violence, we know that. But what can you do against it? Is it possible to break the cycle of revenge and retribution? Is it possible to reconcile with your enemy?

We believe so. It happened often enough, all over the world.
We hope this (well, yeah, amateur, no-budget, we know that šŸ˜‰ ) video is the first step of your discovering those alternative ways.

If you want to see and read more on how this film came into being, check out The Making of.

If you want to see more of this happening, in all cases DON’T visit The Future!

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